Mac is dead; Long live the mac

To those in the know, I've recently got myself a MacBook Pro (sweet machine!), but I still have need of my other OS's.
A couple of options exist: VMWare & multi-boot.

I'm opting for multi-boot; reason is price, performance & direct hardware access

Triple Boot via BootCamp Ubuntu - OnMac.net Wiki

Triple Boot via BootCamp - OnMac.net Wiki


How To Create A Local Debian/Ubuntu Mirror With apt-mirror

[This tutorial shows how to create a Debian/Ubuntu mirror for your local network with the tool apt-mirror. Having a local Debian/Ubuntu mirror is good if you have to install multiple systems in your local network because then all needed packages can be downloaded over the fast LAN connection, thus saving your internet bandwidth.]


Newest Ubuntu dubbed 'Hardy Heron'

[The first version of Ubuntu to be released next year has been unveiled, and in the tradition of affable alliterations ascending the alphabet, the OS has been codenamed "Hardy Heron".

Heron will be the successor to Gusty Gibbon (version 7.10), which is due out in October 2007. Heron will set to arrive in April 2008.


"Each new release gives us all an opportunity to shine, irrespective of which bricks in the project we are laying, and this is at the heart of our belief - working together to produce an Operating System that will empower its users and shape the IT industry, putting free software at the corner-stone of our direction."]

Linux illegal in Germany?

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[Today in Germany the Hacker Tool Law goes into effect. With the official name of Paragraph 202C it states that it is illegal to possess, use, produce, or distribute a "hacker tool".

In theory, law enforcement could come and arrest everyone here at Chaos Communications Camp. A group of hackers gathered in solidarity to protest this law. Hackers in Germany have been protesting the making of this law for the past year and are stunned that it passed and has gone into effect.

The term "hacker tool" is left vague. Nmap or other network monitoring system could fall into this category. Software likeKismac, a wifi detection software, closed down today. Phenoelit, a hacker group, also closed down shop and saying goodbye to Germany.]

Home Theater PC via Live CD

[I’m a big fan of having a PC connected to your TV to enhance the media experience. Hell, I have 1 PC to run MythTV an old Xbox on a different TV acting as a MythTV frontend and an AppleTV. Let’s just say, around this house we all love the PCs that are connect to our TV’s.]