How to Get Indexed by Google in 6 Days

  1. Submitted my URL to Google’s add url page.
  2. Linked a word in one of my posts to an permalink on Google’s Blog.
  3. Did the same thing to an article on TechCrunch.
  4. Posted legitimate comments on a few blogs I enjoy reading
  5. Announced this blog at BloggerForum.
  6. Spent two or three hours writing a good article to submit to social news sites, submitted
  7. Added RSS feed link to my site
  8. Added blog to Technorati
  9. Installed plugin to add Technorati tags to my posts
  10. Installed this Google Sitemap plugin, created sitemap and pinged Google.
  11. Optimized this blog using these excellent tips to make it more pleasing to the search engines.
  12. Posted at least one article per day"

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